Monday, May 6, 2013

Time for another update

Wanted to document what's new with me. This journey to a healthier me, that I am on. I am in a very frustrating place medically, however, it is also an exciting place. I have new hope.
Last fall my rheumatologist started making noises that she just didn't know what to do for me. She refused to discuss treatments for Ankylosing Spondylitis, since my spine has not actually fused. This is backward thinking!! With this disease you want to PREVENT fusion. It WILL happen, it's just a matter of time. I left her office frustrated yet again. 

In January I decided to wean myself off of all my medications. The thinking behind this was two-fold: 1) I just didn't have the $1000 the meds would cost (new year, new deduction) and 2) They weren't really doing a great job anyways. I also canceled my spring appointment with my Rheumy, why see a doctor that isn't willing to do Anything and Everything to help me. So now I am kind of on my own.

So what is a girl to do? I started looking for healthier, more natural alternatives. What I have found has been wonderful. And something James and I have both embraced completely. Essential Oils.

For my birthday, James got me a variety pack of oils from Plant Therapy. One of my favorite oils is Pain-Aid. It has definitely helped with some of my issues. Unfortunately it hasn't been the complete cure I need. But I am so thankful to have this aide in healing.

We have also been using E.O's in all aspects of our life. From natural cleaning products we are making ourselves to beauty products like deodorant, lotions, soaps and scrubs. I will for sure be sharing some of my favorite recipes.

Well back to my health. I am really struggling with a few issues. My right wrist has hurt for nearly a year. I have a tendon that is nearly torn. Like most other injuries I never know how I get hurt. This tendon is kind of a spare part, surgeons often use it repair the thumb. So the plan of action is surgery to cut this tendon. It is possible to repair it, but the doctor believes that it is too injured. There is a slight chance that it will fix itself, and I can avoid surgery. Fix isn't quite the right word, we actually are hoping my tendon will burst on its own. I am waiting until the beginning of June to schedule surgery. We have a fun camping trip scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, while unloading groceries, a drink bottle fell off the counter and landed on my foot. Breaking the 4th metatarsal. Due to the location, I was lucky enough to skip a cast. Just have to wear open toed, flat shoes. Still hurts a bunch. But it isn't the worst thing I am dealing with!

One of my biggest issues, currently, is my lower back. Last summer I received several injections in the L5-S1 joint. Unfortunately, the pain never went away. I have a disc bulge in this area, as well as a mass. In the last month, I have started experiencing extreme calf pain and some numbness and tingling. My neurosurgeons PAC doesn't seem concerned, rolling my eyes.

So, with several doctors telling me I don't fit there checklists for treatments, I have applied for an appointment with a doctor in Phoenix. This feels like my last hope. But at least I have some hope.