Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Choose Joy!

Today I read a tweet on twitter, asking for prayers for a special lady named Sara . I followed the link to her blog to read a little about her. I was deeply saddened to read that "Sara is getting ready to head home to Him." 

I have always found it to be such a privilege to pray for others. And follow many many blogs where I get to do just that. I know that in my own life, when I hear that someone is praying for me, it just touches me. 

This afternoon I immediately searched around Sara's blog to find out her story and was astonished to read that she has one of the things I have been diagnosed with, Ankylosing Spondylitis. Upon further investigation I realized she is my age. I have spent a few hours today reading a few of her posts from the past three years. She has had it rough. Housebound for many years, unable to do much more then rest. Yet, post after post she is full of joy and thanksgiving for what she is able to do. And for the people in her life. I look forward to returning to her blog and reading many more of her stories. How she has Chosen Joy. I pray that her transition into God's arms are without pain. And those that love her are comforted by the knowledge of her future. And I pray that like her, I will Choose Joy, even on the hardest of hard days.

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