Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A whole new ME!

This past month I stumbled upon an amazing concept called Bible Journaling. In a nutshell you spend time in the Bible (devotional/quiet time) and then you express yourself directly into your Bible with Art.

Here is a great Example from Shanna Noel's blog : here The above picture was taken from the blog post I linked you too. I have also immersed myself into a Facebook group dedicated to this. Journaling Bible Community. Find it here. This is a closed group...just ask to join!

I haven't started working in a Bible yet. I am personally waiting until I can purchase the one I want. It is a BEAUTIFUL leather journal Bible. Here it is on Amazon. Since I am waiting I have been using my Art journal and my Devotional journal. And collecting lots of ideas and supplies! But, I have noticed since I stumbled upon this concept that I have a new excitement for the Word of God. For so many years I allowed myself to have a surface relationship with God. I was hurt so many times by the church or people from the church that I turned away. Sure I prayed everyday, listened to K-LOVE and other christian music. But I lost that deep connection that comes only from spending time in God's Word. Reading, mediating and searching for nuggets of truth and promises.

Last week I found a devotional site/app that really resonates with me. She Reads Truth. I now eagerly get up in the mornings and jump into my Bible. Spending an hour or more devouring God's promises. I almost don't recognize myself anymore!

And for that I am Thankful!

Give Thanks to the Lord, for his Steadfast Love Endures Forever! Psalms 136

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