Monday, October 10, 2011

Lifes Valleys

Well I have not kept up with my goal of blogging everyday this month. My hands have been hurting and my head has ached every moment of every day. At times I have had two headaches. My normal headache at the base of my head with enough pressure that I felt my head would blow up AND a stabbing pain behind my left eye. Headaches are exhausting and so consuming. But who am I to complain. I have what is important, I have my children.

I have always felt that it was an honor to pray for others. Sometimes it helps me remember that what I am dealing with is minor compared to the tragedies of others. I believe that God has called us to take others burdens and to do what we can as they walk through their valleys. Two families are heavy on my heart tonight.

Joshua Parker is a very young boy that has endured more then any child should ever have to endure. He doesn't have much time left here in his earthly body. But Joshua says it isn't quite time to go see Jesus yet. He is such a strong boy. And his mama is amazing. 

I have followed his journey for quite awhile, yet just today I realized that one of his illnesses is Chiari Malformation. I am amazed how I never noticed this illnesses, never knew that it existed, until I found it on my MRI. Now, I find others have it, in blogs I have read forever. The word Chiari just jumps out at me.

Another family that desperately needs our prayers is from a blog I have read for a long long time. Joany's sweet daughter, Carly died 18 months ago unexpectedly. She had down syndrome and was a cancer surviver. This past weekend Joany's house burnt down and her 22 year old son perished in the fire. Not only did she lose another child, she has lost all mementos of both children. To have nothing. There is a third child, a daughter that is 25 and just recently enlisted in the Navy and is away at training. My heart is breaking for all she is enduring. 

There is not much I can offer to those that are suffering, whether it is sickness or loss. But I can offer my prayers. If I read your blog, your facebook updates or your tweets, know that I am lifting you up to the One who Heals all. May you feel God's embrace as He carries you through the valleys.

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