Thursday, October 20, 2011

A week of appointments....

I was looking to my rheumy appointment with such hope. Yesterday was the big day. I had heard from several doctors that this particular rheumy was amazing, she new her stuff. I am so confused. If that in indeed fact, why did I walk away from her office with my original dx of anklosing spondylitis stripped, and hinted at a dx of fibromyalgia?!? At this time she doesn't want to lock me into one dx, so I truly was left hanging. She mentioned Arthraligias Myalagias, which google says is just joint & muscle pain. I could just scream.

However, she did spend over an hour with me and treated me with respect. She read all my files I brought from other specialist and she ACKNOWLEDGED me!  She upped the medicine I am currently taking, and is adding Lyrica...well as soon as my insurance approves it.  At least I can understand this doctor. sigh.

I just don't know what to think. My symptoms line up with As. I am HLA-B27 +, but because I have no fusing of the bones...UGH!

Monday I went to get a mammogram. Just a follow-up. Got my results in the mail today. There are scattered fibroglandular elements in both breasts. Perfectly normal. Whew! At least that is going well. I don't need to have another one for 2 years. Yippee Skippy!

Today I went to see my hand surgeons PAC. I can not open my left hand all the way. The ring finger and long finger have developed intrinsic tightness of the knuckle joint. These two joints are locking my fingers toward my palm. The PAC ordered physical therapy, but my PT is super busy and I can not be seen until next Wednesday. I am kind of afraid of what my hand will look like in a weeks time. As it is getting worse daily. If PT doesn't work, surgery may be required. Crap! Oh and did I mention that it hurts...alot.

Tomorrow I get to see the dermatologist. A first for me. Just a simple mole check.

I have also decided, to ask my PCP for some depression medicine. I am tired and overwhelmed with all this medical crap. My weight is climbing, climbing climbing. Not much I can do...Well that isn't true. I could eat better. I do an okay job, but apparently not good enough, as I am at my all time high. The rheumy told me to start exercising as if I am an 80 year old lady. Slow and easy! lol That's gonna bring the weight off real quick.

I am such a grumpy these days...This too shall pass! I WILL CHOOSE JOY.

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